The breast reduction process in Turkey is considered a necessary process for women who suffer from large breasts size, which leads to many problems, including neck, back, and shoulder pain, due to the extra weight caused by the big breast. It also causes skin sensitivity in the lower breast area.

Breast reduction is made by removing the enlarged section of the breast tissue and then tightening the skin and lifting the breast; the process done through a wound in the form of a letter T reversed the breast is first opened and a part of tissue removed without causing any damage to the breast. The nipple position is changed and raised up to match the new beast's shape, and then that breast is closed.

There are no stitches on the breast's surface but they are inside Wound, only on the surface of the chest. We put on medical labels. This method helps reduce the effects of the operation.

Breast reduction process does not affect the breast feeling and does not affect the generation of milk in the future.

Breast Reduction Steps Turkey

When you arrive in Turkey, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and bring you to the hospital or hotel to rest and then return you to the hospital to check with the doctor and discuss the process and its details and answer all your questions and determine the shape and size of the breast. Then procedures for entering the hospital and signing the approval forms will be taken after you will go up For the room designated for you in the hospital and blood tests are done to make sure that you are suitable for the operation and in a good health condition after which the anesthesiologist is examined, you will go to the operation room after the operation the pain is very simple. Also, there are pain killers.

There are bandages and a medical bra on the breast after the surgery, you stay one day in the hospital under the care of nurses, the next day, the hospital will be discharged and return to the hotel. You can walk around the third day after the operation in Istanbul neighborhoods and do tourism without any problems. The breast reduction process in Turkey is required to stay at least one week in Istanbul. A final check examination is carried out five days after the operation. You must walk well after the procedure throughout the day without stressing yourself to speed up the recovery period and return to normal life quickly, and you must stick to the rules wearing a medical bra after the operation and taking the medicines offered to you from Beverly Hills Turkey After the end of your stay, you will be bid farewell to the airport through the Beverly Hills Turkey driver.

Breast Reduction Cost Turkey

The cost of breast reduction in Turkey starts from 3500 €

The price of chest reduction in Turkey via Beverly Hills Turkey is a competitor to many prices for breast reduction in European countries.

Breast reduction reservation Turkey

If you would like to book an appointment for a breast reduction operation in Turkey through Beverly Hills, Turkey, you should send 10% of the price value to cover a portion of the primary hospital reservation expenses, hotel accommodation, and transportation.

Information About the Process

Breast reduction - breast reduction.

Duration of the operation - 2 hours.

General anesthesia.

Hospitalization - one day.

Residence in Turkey - a week.

Side effects - swelling, bruising, soreness in the chest feel, go away during the first two months.

The recovery period - 14 days

Result - permanent if no significant weight was gained after the operation


Is there pain after a breast reduction in Turkey?
Pain can be very simple, as there are backup pain killes that we do to avoid this.

Is it possible to perform another operation with a breast reduction in Turkey at the same time?
Yes, the doctor can perform a breast reduction operation with a second operation for the same person.

When is the removal of stitches after breast reduction operations in Turkey?
There is no need to remove it as it melts bu itself.

What is the extent of swelling that can occur after breast reduction in Turkey?
Vary from person to person according to the nature of the body.

When will the swellings go away after breast reduction in Turkey?
The swellings usually disappear after three months.

When will the result of the breast reduction operation appear in Turkey?
The final result after six months.

How long is the recovery period after breast reduction in Turkey?
Only two weeks

How long should a medical bra be worn after a breast reduction operation in Turkey?
At least two months.

When can I shower after breast reduction in Turkey?
Five days after the operation after the final check.

When can I swim after breast reduction in Turkey?
One month later.

When can I feel a normal chest after breast reduction in Turkey?
After the operation, the breast will have a slightly fossilized feel, and the chest will return to its normal feeling after two months of surgery.

When can I squeeze the breast strongly after the breast reduction operation in Turkey?
Six months later.

What is the sleep position after breast reduction in Turkey?
On the back, it will be the first two weeks after that possible on both sides.

When can I return to daily life after breast reduction in Turkey?
Two weeks later.

When can I do sports after breast reduction in Turkey?
One month after the operation, it is possible to start sports such as walking and jogging, and you should not carry any weights for up to four months.

When can I smoke after breast reduction in Turkey?
After the operation, smoking should be reduced or cut off for up to six months.

When will the scar disappear after the breast reduction operation in Turkey?
It starts to disappear from the second month to two years. Restoration creams and laser sessions can be used during this period.

When can i get pregnant after breast reduction in Turkey?
One year after the surgery, you can get pregnant without any problems.