It is a process in which the thighs are tightened, and the sagging skin is removed, Thigh lift Turkey is the only solution for those who have gained and lost significant weight, which led to flappy skin in the thighs. The skin in the thighs loses the ability to stretch by age. Therefore, no sport or diet can help tight flabby skin, and the only solution remains the surgical procedure.

The thigh lift is done in two ways.

  1. The first is a full thigh lift.
  2. The second is a mini thigh lift.

Now we will get to know the two cases.

The full thigh lift process takes place in the case of thick fat and flabby excess skin located in the entire thigh area through a surgical incision that extends from the top of the thigh to the knee area linearly from inside the thigh the skin is pulled and tightened. Then the wound is closed by stitches located inside the wound so that there is no stitching on the surface of the skin, and medical bandages are applied along the wound. This helps reduce the scar.

Mini thigh lift takes place in the case of excess fat, and sagging skin in the upper side of thigh through a smaller incision smaller and located on the bikini line; we tightening the skin in the area of ​​the upper thigh.

What is the difference between a full thigh lift and a mini thigh lift?

The full thigh lifting process tightens all the thighs, while the mini thigh lifting procedure tightens the top side just above the thigh, and the surgery line is smaller, and the technique is used according to the sagging that each person has.

Thigh Lift Steps Turkey

When you arrive in Turkey, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and bring you to the hospital or the hotel to rest and then return you to the hospital to check with the doctor and discuss the process and its details and answer all your questions and determine the amount of flabby skin and the quality of the skin. The procedures for entering the hospital and signing the approval forms after that, You will go up to your room in the hospital, and blood tests are done to make sure that you are suitable for the operation and in a good health condition after which the anesthesiologist is examined you will go to the operation room, after the surgery the pain is very simple. Also, there are pain killers.

There are bandages and a medical corset on thighs area after the operation, rest a day. One in the hospital is under the care of nurses. The next day, the hospital will be discharged and return to the hotel. You can walk around the third day after the operation in Istanbul neighborhoods and do tourism without any problems. A thigh lift Turkey requires staying at least seven days in Istanbul. A final check will be after the operation with six Days, you must walk well after the procedure throughout the day without stressing yourself to speed up the recovery period and return to normal life quickly, and you must stick to the rules that doctor said and wear a medical corset after the operation and take the medicines provided to you from Beverly Hills Turkey after the end of your stay, you will be bid farewell to the airport through the Beverly Hills Turkey driver.

Thigh Lift Cost Turkey

The cost of a thigh lift in Turkey starts from

3500 € euros

As the price of thigh lift in Turkey through Beverly Hills Turkey is a competitor to many prices for the thigh lift in European countries.

Thigh lift reservation Turkey

If you would like to book an appointment for a hip lift in Turkey through Beverly Hills Turkey, you must send 10% of the operation's value to cover a portion of the hospital's initial reservation and hotel accommodation and transportation expenses.

Information About the Process

Thigh Lift - Thigh Lift.

Duration of the operation - 1.5 hour

Full anesthesia.

Hospitalization - one day.

Residence in Turkey - a week.

Side effects - swelling, bruising.

The recovery period - 14 days

Result - permanent if no significant weight was gained after the operation


Is there pain after thigh lift Turkey?
Pain can be very simple, as there are backup pain killers that we do to avoid this.

Is it possible to perform another operation with thigh lift Turkey at the same time?
Yes, the doctor can perform thigh lift operation with a second operation for the same person.

What is the extent of swelling that can occur after thigh lift Turkey?
Vary from person to person according to the nature of the body.

When will the swelling go away after thigh lift Turkey?
Usually, go away slowly during the first two weeks.

When will the result of thigh lift Turkey appear?
The final result after six months.

How long is the recovery period after thigh lift Turkey?
Only two weeks

How long should a medical corset be worn after thigh lift Turkey?
One Month continuously and one Month partially.

When can I shower after thigh lift Turkey?
A week after the operation after the final check.

When can I swim after thigh lift Turkey?
After two months.

When can I be exposed to the sun for a long time after thigh lift Turkey?
Two months after the operation and you should use a sunscreen.

When can I return to daily life after thigh lift Turkey?
Two weeks after the operation.

When can I exercise after thigh lift Turkey?
A week after the operation, it is possible to start with sports such as walking and jogging, and you should not exhaust yourself and sweat.

When can I smoke after thigh lift Turkey?
After the operation, smoking should be cut up to six months.

When will the scar start to disappear after thigh lift Turkey?
It starts to disappear from the second Month to two years. Restoration creams and laser sessions can be used during this period.

When can I get pregnant after thigh lift Turkey?
One year after the surgery, you can get pregnant without any problems.