Nose Job in Turkey

The shape and size of the nose have a significant impact on the appearance of the face, because of this many patients feel dissatisfied with the shape of the nose, whether this was due to genetic reasons or an accident that led to a change in the shape of the nose, many reasons make a person unhappy with the way of the nose and lead to this Low self-confidence. In this case, people can pick rhinoplasty in Turkey to help to reduce or adjust the size of their nose, or even to do a contour in the nose to look the way they want.

Nose job process, or what is called rhinoplasty, provides a surgical solution for shape and better breathing.
Through the rhinoplasty process in Turkey, the nose's shape can be adjusted and breathing adjusted through two methods. The first method is an open rhinoplasty method, a surgical incision below the nose, and the cartilage is sculpted. The second is the closed rhinoplasty method, which is a surgical incision inside the nose. The cartilage is sculpted and reshaped.
The nose is the middle part of the face, and it is the region that most affects the shape of the face. The rhinoplasty process has become a standard procedure in medical tourism in Turkey...

Sections of the nose that can be surgically embellished include:

Bridge of the nose: it can be carved to make it naturally straight or slightly curved.
Nose tip: It can be reduced in size or sculpted, and it can be raised or reduced to be consistent with the shape of the nose.
Nose length: The nose's length can be shortened by removing a few cartilages from the nasal septum or increasing its length by placing cartilages taken either from behind the ear or the ribs.
Nose width: Nose width can be reduced by breaking the nose's bridge and re-closing it to give a thinner look.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey The respiratory part should be the first part of the operation's, as the process through which all breathing problems, such as nasal sinuses, and deviation in the respiratory barrier, can be resolved, then the aesthetic part comes.

When you arrive in Turkey, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and take you to the hospital or hotel to rest and then return you to the hospital in order to check with the doctor and discuss the process the shape of the nose and answer all your questions, then the entry procedures are done To the hospital and sign the approval forms after that you will go up to your own room in the hospital, and blood tests are done to make sure that you are suitable for the operation and in a good health condition after that the anesthesiologist is examined, then you will go to the operations room after the surgery the pain is very simple, and also there are extra pain killers, one day remains in the hospital under the care of nurses, the next day the hospital will be discharged you and return to the hotel. You can walk around the Istanbul neighborhoods and do tourism without any problems; nose job is required staying in Istanbul for at least five days. On the fifth day after the operation, a check-up is performed by a doctor. You will be bid farewell to the airport through Beverly Hills Turkey driver.

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When making a nose job surgery in Turkey with Beverly Hills Turkey, the procedures will become smooth, whether the process is for a nose job, breathing repair, or nose shape. We provide medical care at the highest level where our doctors have top experience in this field, and they offer results that always satisfy your desire.

After filling in the contact form (or communicating via WhatsApp directly), the Beverly Hills Turkey support team will provide detailed answers to all your inquiries. It is also possible to send nose pictures from the front, right-left sides, and bottom for a free consultation by our doctors.

Nose job cost Turkey

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey starts from 2500 € euros. The price of rhinoplasty in Turkey through Beverly Hills, Turkey, is a competitor for many of the prices of rhinoplasty in European countries.

Rhinoplasty Reservation Turkey

If you would like to book an appointment to perform rhinoplasty in Turkey through Beverly Hills Turkey, you should send 10% of the operation's value to cover a part of the first reservation costs for the hospital, hotel accommodation, and transportation.

Rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty, breathing repair, or nose restoration.

Duration of the operation - 1-2 hours.

Anesthesia - general or local.

Hospitalization - one day.

Stay in Turkey - one week.

Side effects - swelling, for several days, slight bleeding

The recovery period - 14 days

The result - permanent

Is there pain after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Pain can be very simple, as there are backup pain killers that we do to avoid this.

Is it possible to perform another operation with rhinoplasty in Turkey at the same time?
Yes, the doctor can perform a nose job operation with a second operation for the same person.

When is the removal of stitches after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
After one to two weeks, according to the degree of recovery.

What is the amount of swelling that can happen to the face after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
It changes from person to person according to the nature of the body.

When do swellings go away after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
The swelling is usually gone after ten days, but the nose does not get the final result.

When does the result of rhinoplasty appear?
The first result after two months the final result after one year.

How long is the recovery period after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Only two weeks

When can I wear glasses after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
At least three months have passed.

When can I shower after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Five days after the operation, provided the water does not reach the nose.

When can I swim after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
After a month, do not to dive underwater.

When can I get a sunbath for a long time after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
A week after the operation provided you use a sunscreen.

When can I sneeze after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Shortly after the operation, provided that there is no pressure.

When can I wear medical lenses after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
One day after the operation.

What happens if I get flu after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
The doctor recommends not to blow from the nose at least ten days after the operation.

What is the sleep position after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
You should sleep on the back and avoid sleeping on the face.

When can I return to daily life after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
One week later.

When can I do sports after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Two weeks after the operation, you shouldn't receive any hit to the nose.

When can I smoke after rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Smoking should be left six months after the operation or reduce the amount of smoking to a minimal degree.