Ear Correction Turkey

A protruding ear sometimes called a bat ear, is an abnormal ear growth or some deformity in the growth of the ear's cartilage that occurs in it appearing more than usual.

The protruding ear is sometimes genetic, and the person is born with it.

Still, statistics and studies show that 30% of the children who suffer from it are born with natural ears, but they stand out and grow during development, sometimes the ears emerge together, and sometimes one is more prominent than the other.

Ear Correction or What is Called Otoplasty

General or local anesthesia can be used, and the choice can be made according to the doctor's consultation before the operation.

After anesthesia, a surgical incision is created behind the ear so that the cartilage is revealed, and then the cartilage is sculpted and folded in the direction of the head to the back. Sometimes a part of the cartilage is removed depending on the case that varies from person to person until the person gets the wanted result and the excess skin is removed if found in In some cases, then this wound is closed by a cosmetic suture that is inside the wound so that there is no stitching on the surface of the skin and medical patches are applied along the wound. This helps reduce the surgical impact, and the process takes about an hour and a half. Scroll page down to read more about otoplasty.