The smile is much more than showing the world that you are happy. It is evidence of your self-confidence and the positive energy that you have.

Therefore, we recommend that you use veneer or luminaire lenses in such cases when we use a Hollywood smile mainly used to cover dental and gum defects to give a picturesque smile.

  • The spaces between the teeth or crowded
  • The emergence or retraction of teeth and changing their axes
  • Yellowing of the teeth, discoloration or discoloration, and not obtaining a satisfactory result using bleaching
  • The imperfect shape of the teeth, such as short or wide teeth, gives the appearance of an imperfect smile

It has visible front teeth where high-aesthetic zircon crowns are made

Multiple front fractures

What are veneer lenses?

It is a thin ceramic scales that cover the front surface of the teeth appearing with a smile through which we can change the shape, size, and color of the teeth as we sculpt the front surface of the tooth and the categorical limit, which allows us to give the tooth the ideal shape, color, and size

What are luminaire lenses?

They are ceramic scales that are more gentle than the veneer, which covers the front surface of the teeth appearing in the smile.

How to choose between veneer and luminaire

You always have to ask the doctor what is best suited for your dental condition, but here are some points that can give you a first idea of your condition's best.

Teeth collocation, so if there is dental overlap or some teeth protrude from their neighborhoods, then the veneer is better for adjusting the dental axis.

If the teeth' size is large and you want smaller teeth, it is better to use the veneer because the luminaire does not change the size of the teeth.

If your teeth have a good alignment and size, use a luminaire is likely.

If there are problems in dental enamel, we choose the veneer because we are treating these problems.

How to choose the color of the teeth

Most people prefer whitest colors and often prefer the choice of open color. Still, the choice of color should not be random, so to get excellent aesthetic results, skin color must be taken into account in addition to the whites of the eye, the general advice is that the color of the teeth is in the color of the white of the eye to avoid the presence of more than one degree of white whiteness in The face, which leads to the discomfort of the beholder's eye. The smile's shape is an important factor in ensuring a great smile is the smile line, which is the categorical limit of the upper six front teeth. It is possible that the corners of the teeth are convex or sharp, or the teeth can be pointed or rounded.

Stages of making a Hollywood smile in Beverly Hills, Turkey

The first visit to consult and pictures of the teeth are taken from all sides to be added to the program for designing the digital smile. The teeth are measured, and the sizes are taken, the color of the teeth, and the smile's desired shape.

In the second visit, after approximately 5 days, the contact lenses will be attached using the German suture system, and the session will last for 45 minutes. Our goal is to have a charming smile that will be the title of your personality.

General advice after installing a Hollywood smile

  1. Not applying strong pressure in the first period until you get used to the presence of lenses
  2. Increasing interest in the mouth and teeth and brushing the teeth regularly
  3. Not using the front teeth to cut very rough foods