Eyebrow Lift Turkey

It is a process that is done to improve the shape of the front of the head and forehead, remove wrinkles with them, remove vertical lines between the eyebrows and raise the eyebrows slightly from the eyes to give a more youthful and beautiful appearance

It is used for people who suffer from a small distance between the Eyebrow and the eye. By age, a brow loosening often occurs surrounding the eye, so the process of raising the Eyebrow is done to improve the shape of Eyebrow.

Eyebrow Lift Turkey Process

Eyebrow Lift Surgical

To obtain permanent results, under general anesthesia, and take a period of half an hour, the plastic surgeon makes a surgical incision in the scalp at the front of the month with a length of 2 centimeters. He uses laparoscopes and special medical tools to modify the tissues and muscles and tighten the forehead because it is flabby and wrinkles. Sometimes loosen muscles cause the Eyebrow to sag. Then the skin and muscles tighten to lift it and remove the effects of wrinkles, or in the case of minor wrinkles that do not need to be stretched, the surgeon makes permanent stitches to tighten the eyebrows up.

And here you must know that this technique leaves small scars, but you do not need to worry, as these scars never appear because they are under the hair.

Eyebrow Lift Nonsurgical by Botox

It is the most used technique at the present time, given that it is a simple and low-cost technique. Botox is used in this technique, as it is a material that helps to relax the muscles, which makes the skin appear more youthful. The method of lifting eyebrows with Botox depends on injections in several places, including the forehead and in Below the outer part of the Eyebrow, which leads to the relaxation of the muscles in these places. It hides the wrinkles, raised the Eyebrow, and restores freshness to the skin again.

But this technique is temporary, and it needs to be repeated every six months to maintain the youthful permanent look. It is also intended for cases of eyebrows dropping due to wrinkles.