Face Dimples Turkey

Recently it was widely and widely known that facial dimples surgery is a simple process in which dimples are made on the cheeks that increase the beauty and purity of the face.

The cheek dimples are considered aesthetic to the face.

They are mostly natural and hereditary and represent the support of some muscle fibers to the skin, which causes them to pull the skin inward while laughing, smiling, or talking.

How to operate dimples in Turkey

Depending on the person's desire, the location of the dimple is first determined. From the most popular and best way, a longitudinal line is drawn from the end of eyes to the facial area's . Another horizontal line starts from the side of the mouth toward the width, and at the place of convergence of these two lines, that area is determined so that the dimples' location is surgically determined.

Facial dimple surgery is usually done with a local anesthetic because of its easy and the short time required which does not exceed half an hour at the most. Then the surgeon makes a small opening from inside the mouth in the place that is agreed upon to make the cheek dimple. Then that small area of fat and part of it are emptied Small muscle, and a stitch is made between the opening in the mouth and the outer skin with a thin thread of the type that is absorbed by the body and melts within days.

Hot drinks and harsh foods that need grinding should be avoided for two days, and the mouth should be washed with antiseptic lotion on a regular basis, and some antibiotics must be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection after the operation.

Expected results after cheek winking in Turkey

The dimple is clear for several weeks, whether during or without the smile, and after 3 weeks the dimple becomes clear during the smile only, which is quite similar to the natural dimple.

Very minor complications, such as swelling, bruising, and slight bleeding may occur.

Considering this process is a very simple procedure that does not require a recovery period of more than two days.