The Brazilian butt process is a process with wide fame. This process relies on enlarging the buttocks by injecting the self-fat. Fat injection is an easy procedure but needs considerable experience.

The Brazilian butt process helps to gain a beautiful body and an attractive butt. The process is done through Vaser Liposuction with from different areas of the body through small holes, and then injected into the buttocks to give the size and more shape

Here are some of the reasons why the Brazilian butt lift process is most likely in Turkey

  • To improve its overall volume by balancing the top and bottom sections of the buttocks.
  • To lift and tighten the buttocks.
  • To help wearing more attractive clothes.
  • To reduce waist fat and sculpting, as well as fullness of buttocks and back.
  • For the appearance and division of the body.

It should be noted that after the buttocks enlargement process with self-fat in Turkey, it should not be sitting on buttocks for at least two weeks for long periods, and the pillow given by Beverly Hills Turkey should be used for sitting, also you should take note that the injected fat
About 40% goes away due to the lack of fat in nutrition from the capillaries. Of course, the process has limitations in the injection, it is not possible to inject very large quantities because this leads to serious problems.

Enlarging the butt with silicone implants:

The butt enlargement operations occupied third place in plastic surgery to obtain the slim body after liposuction and body sculpting. It was the ideal solution for those suffering from a small, flabby, and incongruous butt with the body's shape.

Brazilian butt lift with implants specially designed silicone filling is inserted between two muscle layers and change the butt size.

Silicone implants are inserted between two layers of muscles by a simple surgical incision 4 cm from the butt's top part. Then this wound is closed by cosmetic stitching.

Are silicone implants safe?

The implants that are usually used to enlarge the butt are not explosive, as they are generally made of a type of rubber silicone that does not leak. Therefore, we must make it clear that they are completely safe. The global health ministry authorizes these implants, so there is no danger of as a result of its use, as it does not interact in the body,

Brazilian Butt Lift Steps Turkey

When you arrive in Turkey, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and bring you to the hospital or the hotel to rest and then return you to the hospital to consultant with the doctor and discuss the process details and answer all your questions and determine the areas of liposuction and the amount of fat and the quality of the skin and the size and shape of the buttocks, then signing the approval forms after that you will go to your own room in the hospital and blood tests are done to make sure that you are suitable for the operation and you are in a good health condition after that the anesthesiologist consultation done, after the operation the pain is very simple and also there are pain killers, there are bandages and a medical corset, you stay one day in the hospital under the care of nurses, the next day, the hospital will discharged you and return to the hotel. You can walk around in the second day after the operation in Istanbul's have small tour without any problems. Fat injection in the buttocks in Turkey is required Stay at least five days in Istanbul, you must walk well after the operation throughout the day without stressing yourself to speed up the recovery period and return to your normal life quickly You must keep yourself clean, wear a medical corset, sit on a pillow that will be provided to you after the operation, and take medicines provided to you from Beverly Hills Turkey after the end of your stay. You will   go to the airport through Beverly Hills Turkey driver.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Turkey

The cost of the Brazilian butt lift process in Turkey starts from 3500 €

With implant 6000 €
Where the Brazilian butt lift price in Turkey via Beverly Hills Turkey is a competitor to many of BBL prices in European countries.

Brazilian butt lift reservation Turkey

Information About the Process

BBL - Brazilian butt lift.

Duration of the operation - 1 hour.

Anesthesia -general anesthesia.

Hospitalization - one day.

Stay in Turkey - a week.

Side effects - swelling, bruising.

The recovery period - 7 days.


Is there any pain after the BBL in Turkey?
Pain can be very simple, as there are pain killers that we do to avoid this.

Can another operation be performed with Brazilian butt lift in Turkey at the same time?
Yes, the doctor can perform a Brazilian butt lift operation with a second operation for the same person.

When can I remove the stitches after the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?
There is no need to remove it as it melts by itself.

How much swellings that I will have after the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?
Vary from person to person according to the nature of the body.

When will the swelling go away Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey?
usually go away after two months.

When final result of  BBL in Turkey appear?
The final result after six months.

How long is the recovery period after BBL in Turkey?
one week.

How long should I wear a corset after BBL in Turkey?
At least two months and if the period is longer this is a good thing.

When can I have shower after Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?
Three days after the operation.

When can I swim after Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?
One month later.

When can I feel my buttocks after BBL in Turkey?
Two months after the operation.

When can I eat after a Brazilian butt operation in Turkey?
Two hours after the operation.

What is the sleep position after the Brazilian Butt lift operation in Turkey?
On the face for 10 days.

When can I return to daily life after the Brazilian butt lift operation in Turkey?
A week after the operation.

When can do sports after the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?
one Month after the operation

When can I smoke after the Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey?
After the operation, smoking should be reduced or cut off for up to six months.

Are there scars after the Brazilian butt lift operation in Turkey?
There is no visible scars.

When can I get pregnant after the BBL Turkey?
Six months after the procedure