Chin implant Turkey

Chin aesthetic surgery is a common plastic surgery between men and women.

This process is part of cosmetic facial surgery that is popular with many people because it helps them increase their self-confidence, and the beauty of the face depends mainly on three main features: Nose, Chin, Forehead

In some cases, it is considered one of the necessary cosmetic procedures that work to fix some genetic problems, growth distortions, or some painful accidents such as the lower jaw.

Silicon Chin Implants

Silicon filling has the advantage of being easy to implant in the Chin. It is completely safe as it does not allow the tissues of the body to grow through it, which drives doctors in various countries of the world to use this technique to enlarge the Chin.

General or local anesthesia can be used, and the choice can be made according to the consultation before the operation.

After anesthesia, a small surgical incision is made 2 cm below the Chin and then add a silicone implant to the Chin's front to highlight the chin bone and fill the silicon has different shapes and sizes depending on the person's case. It is fixed to the Chin's front, then stitching the skin that does not leave a visible effect because it is hidden under Chin. This method is effective, fast and permanent, and some prefer to insert a silicon implant through the mouth from under the lower lip.

The patient may feel slight pain in the first five days, and swelling may occur on the face, but all these effects go away completely with some pain killers and antibiotics.

It is advised to rest completely in the postoperative period, and it is also advised to eat soft and liquid foods and avoid solid foods that is not hard to eat. It is also recommended to avoid smoking to contribute to a faster wound healing. It is also advised to avoid being hit on the chin. Finally, doctors advise using special pillows to sleep and try to sleep on the back for a period after the operation.

You can return to work after a week, at most, after the procedure, as chin augmentation is a very simple procedure.