Patients often suffer from a loss of one or more teeth, which causes anesthetic or functional problem represented by the inability to chew food appropriately which requires treatment to rehabilitate the mouth to restore all functions and dental implants are the best solution to this problem What are dental implants is a titanium screw It replaces the missing tooth placed in the jaw bone and is considered a permanent treatment and requires good oral care. Features of dental implants, unlike dental bridges that need adjacent sculpting teeth and thus weakening them. The gums' position naturally around them lasts better than the bridge because the occlusal forces are perfectly distributed over the teeth

Types of dental implants

Implanted inside the bone

It is the most prevalent species where the implant is placed inside the bone, and the patient must be observant of oral health, and the gums are free from infections.

Implant on the bone

Implants do not take place inside the bone, but a metal frame is used on the jaw bone and under the gums, and this type is used if the amount of bone is not sufficient for conventional implantation.

When to Use Dental Implants

  • Upon compensation for one tooth
  • When replacing multiple adjacent teeth, a bridge-supported bridge is used
  • When compensating for the loss of entire teeth, where dental implant bridges are replaced, or the whole mouth can be implanted

Is it possible to always perform dental implants?
It depends on oral health care and the amount of bone in the jaw, where the doctor performs several tests to find out the amount of bone in the required area, and if not available, it is possible to do a bone grafting process first.

Is the tooth implantation process painful?
The implant is usually placed easier than extraction, and the operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. There will be no pain during the process, and when you follow the doctor's instructions carefully, there will be no pain after the operation.

How much time does it take?
The duration of the implant is half an hour, after which the gums are closed, and a higher part of the gums is placed to ensure that the gum does not cover the implant and leave the implant for three months, after which the tooth is placed over the implant with the development of science. It is currently possible to do the implant and compensation over it with the same session (immediate implantation) stage after The implant is necessary to take care of the implant's cleanliness after setting it to ensure its continuity by adhering to the advice given by the doctor and cleaning the implant is not a difficult thing, and the doctor will explain the cleaning steps.